Create an Invoice

Create a new Invoice

branchId(number)RequiredId of the branch the invoice is associated to
issuedAt (date)Requireddate invoice was issued
dueAt (date)Requireddate invoice would be due for payment
currency (string)Requiredinvoice currency type, it must be standard currency notation. e.g. NGN, USD, etc
customerId (number)Requiredid of customer that the invoice is issued to
SONumber (number)optional
invoiceName (string)RequiredName of invoice
paymentMethods (array)OptionalPayment methods available for the invoice
procurements (array)RequiredThings whose payment are to be covered by the invoice, it is an array of the object of products
productId (number)Requiredid of product
decription (string)OptionalThe description
quantity (number)RequiredQuantity of the product
price (number)RequiredPrice of a single product
isTaxAdded (boolean)RequiredChecks if tax is added or not
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